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Basic queries regarding FAQ (6 Articles)
       -Answers user's basic questions related to this FAQ
Hardware (2 Articles)
       -Anything from keyboard to Monitor, COM port to USB etc.
others (0 Articles)
       -Just anything that doesn't fit anywhere else
PHP Only (4 Articles)
       -For problems related to PHP scripting language
Progrmming (5 Articles)
       -Various aspects of Programming like Simple Application development, Web Application development
Softwares (2 Articles)
       -All about the Software aspects of computer system like Application Programs, system programs etc.
 Top 10 Articles
This list contains Top 10 most viewed articles.
  What are the differences between PHP 3 and PHP 4?
  what's the difference b/w system & application software
  Are FAQ categories two level only ?
  Why have FAQ
  How to change the layout colors of FAQ ?
  Who has developed this FAQ script
  What is PHP?
  What is JavaScript, is it same as Java ?
  Is the screen saver really saves the monitor screen ?
  Which PL is better ?
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